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This page allows you to watch watch Valimai The Power full movie In the metropolis of Chennai, a gang of daredevil bikers are doing drug thefts, chain snatching and murders.
They are all individuals of Satan's Slave, headed by means of Naren a.K.A.
In order to forestall a majority of these ever growing crime, ACP Arjun Kumar IPS, a police officer from Madurai is summoned.
Satan's Slave gang is strongly related in the device of police force as two higher officers, Sashana and Sarkar are also part of this gang.
During one such drug theft, a gang member betrays and hides the stolen cocaine in his friends hostel.
However, that friend kills himself and burns the drug.
While investigating, Arjun and his partner Sophia locate the strains of burnt the medicine and from the deceased helmet one slip is found .
After extra research it's far found out that they do all these illegal sports on motorcycles which they buy from a second hand bike dealing company and they use stolen mobile numbers to reserve.
They also use darkweb to carry out their all operations.
After checking case details it is determined that there may be a pattern, like they thieve someday, the next day they commits homicide and the following day they grasp chains and they buy motorcycles earlier than doing those crimes.
Valimai The Power is primarily based on Action, Crime with the touch of Thriller and directed by H. Vinoth, Starring Ajith Kumar, Kartikeya Gummakonda and Huma Qureshi within the lead roles.

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