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This page allows you to watch watch Rocket Gang full movie The Movie starts with showing a scene of the 5 fundamental characters riding through a hilly avenue, they are seen clicking photos, Amarbir using, Tania beside him and Bunnu, Sahib and Pia within the again.
Amarbir swerves beyond motors dangerously, then the scene cuts and we're brought to the characters, at night time while Amarbir turned into in his father's keep a person named Tony suddenly seems and gives him a poster of a new lodge called 'Wonder-villa', Tony tells him that if he pastes the posters in his shop he'll let Amarbir and his pals spend the weekend there free of charge, Bir suggests the poster to his friends, all decide to take the offer and travel to the resort.
There they're welcomed by five youngsters, Kiara the manager, Montu the safety head and room service, Ganesh the head chief, Saher the receptionist and Je Je the entertainment head and room provider, the buddies locate it extraordinary for kids to be operating in region of adults but the youngsters say the resort belongs to their dad and mom and live help them all through excursion, the friends settle in and in the course of dinner the adults attempt to scare the youngsters with ghost stories, later Amarbir and Sahib go to relive themselves in the timber Amarbir hears a fant lullaby from somewhere however Sahib would not, as rain is ready to come Sahib is going inside to anybody but Amarbir remains back for a few moments and he sees a dim light from the timber however after he leaves and a pair of headlines of a car is visible blanketed with bush at the same time as the fant lullaby plays in the background.
Inside because of rain amd thunder the lighting fixtures exit, Kiara says the preceding visitors left a recreation in the back of, the children don't know a way to play it as it is too complex, when the adults see the sport is virtually a spirit board, they scare the kids a bit more, Pia does not suppose there are ghosts however the arrow at the board starts transferring by way of itself, it rotates in a circle and while the friends look up they see the youngsters now searching like ghosts flotation in the air above them, all run away however the youngsters trap as much as them and torture every of them, the adults ask the children why are they doing this to which they are saying that because of the five friends they may be dead,they died in a automobile coincidence as a result of Amarbir's vehicle, the pals question if they're sure of it, Tony seems in the front of them and turns in a ghost, he confirms that it became Amarbir's car which caused the coincidence due to the fact Tony changed into using the van with the children in it.
Month tells them their story.
The youngsters who have been expert dancers took component in Dance India Dance (DID) that they had impressed the judges, they reached the finals together with their opponents the Scorpio academy, the kids virtually glad reached home, with their dance educate Tony,the children had been greeted at their school by way of the classmates, important and mothers ( the youngsters had taken part in DID for his or her mothers and devoted every dance for them, it's also discovered that the lullaby which become heard earlier within the film is the music the mothers sang to the youngsters) the youngsters shared a certainly near bond with their moms, few days later they leave with Tony in their group van (with their institution call 'Rocket Gang' brand on it) for DID finals on their way they meet with the twist of fate with Amarbir's vehicle they don't hit they the van loses balance and falls down the hill within the Wonder-villa grounds, all the children and Tony die and get trapped in the villa.
After that the ghosts make the friends dance and sing for them, Amarbir hums the melody of the lullaby unknowingly and makes the youngsters and Tony go to sleep, they take this possibility and flee the villa grounds, but the ghosts supply chase but crash on the gate as they can't depart the belongings, Amarbir is ready to hop in the car however appears back and sees the tearful faces of the children,he ultimately leaves inside the automobile but their faces hang-out him and he researchers about the coincidence and feeling guilty he discusses this together with his buddies, all of them recognise how wrong they had been and have to have acted more careful, Amarbir comes up with a plan and tells it to every person.
The buddies go back to the villa and express regret to the ghosts, they recommend that the kids can depart the villa grounds in the event that they own someone, like Tony had finished before to lure the pals, and propose the youngsters can nonetheless dance and fulfill their dream via their bodies, the ghosts talk, and agree at the circumstance that the friends will say their names in the front of anyone, then each youngsters possess a person every (Montu-Amarbir, Sahir-Tania, Je Je-Saheb,Kiara-Bunnu, and Ganesh-Pia) the children are extremely joyful after leaving the villa grounds, but Tony who's last desire became to help make the youngsters' dream fulfill goes to heaven, the children handiest own the adults once they want to dance, other instances they bond with them besides Montu, the pals pass the audition spherical, Sahir at Tania's domestic sees how her mother and father are considering if they have to permit Tania dance,recollects how her mom stood up for her while she desired to bounce, going against her family customs, she encourages Tania to continually comply with her dreams.
One via one the pals move up the sages in DID and the kids assist them in exclusive methods to put off their hosts' personal enemies, someday Pia sees they have been tagged in a post on social media, they recognize that 1 complete yr had surpassed for the reason that youngsters' deaths, all of them go to their faculty and sees their moms, the youngsters attempt walking to their moms however they simply go through them, but the adults invite the parents to see the finals of DID as they're their kids' fanatics and use the organization call 'Rocket Gang' as concept, they ask for a hug from the moms and the children possess the adults and get to hug their mothers, Sahir's mom feels as though her daughter is hugging her instead of Tania.
Later on the children assist Amarbir and Tania to have a romantic dance,during the interview for the finals, the buddies don't mention the youngsters, Montu who became been the most adamant till now make his buddies recognise that the adults don't care about them,the Scorpions invite the pals to a membership for warfare, there the children refuse to help the except Sahir,but she also doesn't move towards her friends, the adults struggle for a touch at the same time as, but the children eventually provide in and help them,but Amarbir fractures his arm,that can get them disqualified, Montu not wanting to lose his dream again fixes Amarbir's hand.
Before the finals Amarbir and Sahib shows every body a ray device which the use of mirrors make the youngsters visible, they plan to use it all through the finals in order that children get to bop for his or her moms one closing time,at level Amarbir confesses the whole thing to the arena, they use the ray device, however it breaks, the youngsters retreat within the van and cry at the same time as retaining a cross sign, they plead with God to assist them,and allow them to fulfill their dream,suddenly a mild falls on the van,all the lights in the studio burst off and while it comes on, the kids in conjunction with the adults come on stage, every body is able to see the kids, they dance on the song 'Duniya hai Maa ke godi mee' they start crying closer to the quit,with the complete studio, hosts,judges, even their opponents Scorpions, their families.
After the dance the kids become golden butterflies and sooner or later go to heaven, with their want of performing for their moms is fulfilled.
In heaven they wait on the gates with a angel (Ranbir Kapoor) the angel requested them to offer him an awesome rating after going inner, to which the youngsters say that he has to dance and if not they will now not deliver him an amazing score.
The Movie ends.
Rocket Gang is primarily based on Comedy, Drama with the touch of Fantasy and directed by Bosco Martis, Starring Aditya Seal, Nikita Dutta and Jason Tham within the lead roles.

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