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This page allows you to watch watch Hindutva full movie Hindutva is a tale of state-of-the-art teenagers.
The movie explores the depths of Hinduism via its foremost characters.
It is a tale of friendship, love and student politics. Hindutva is a tale of these days’s teens.
The film explores the depths of Hinduism through its major characters.
It is a tale of friendship, love and pupil politics. Bharat Shastri - Aashiesh Sharma represents a normal Hindu boy of primary/northern India, who knows his shlokas and vedas.
He studies in Uttarakhand’s well-known University.
He is a proud Hindu.
But he's still inside the process of discovering Hindutva thru various characters around him.
To begin with, his father Anup Jalota who is a pandit and a temple priest.
Also thru his Guruma Deepika Chikhlia And a right wing baby-kisser Bhalerao -Govind Namdeo. Sapna Gupta-Sonarika Bhadoria- She has shifted to India from Britain.
She has grown up inside the west.
She leans towards the left and thinks that Hinduism is right wing radical ideology.
She unearths Bharat communal and radical. Sameer Siddique- Ankit Raaj - He is a popular student chief who believes that his community is discriminated against.
He poses to be a leftist, one who is fighting to guard his network.
He is in love with Sapna, and Sapna also loves his dynamism and leadership in the University.
Does Sameer dream of converting Sapna to Islam and marrying her? We don’t know.
But his parents are liberal muslim.
They love Bharat like a son. The ironic element is that Bharat and Sameer had been adolescence pals.
But now they're divided by way of their individual ideologies. Enter Bhalerao -Govind Namdeo.
He pushes Bharat to contest the University elections and combat towards Sameer Siddique. This units off a series reaction which leads Sapna to changing aspects.
Sameer will become a bitter loser in love.
And Bharat the gainer.
But Bharat has to keep combating to prove to the arena that the proper which means of HINDUTVA is Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. The movie definitely exams the depths of Hinduism.
And debates the concepts of Patriotism and Nationalism.
Hindutva is primarily based on Drama and directed by Karan Razdan, Starring Aashiesh Sharma, Sonarika Bhadoria and Ankit Raj within the lead roles.

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